"It’s hard to adequately explain the amount of love and care Rabbi Hanniel brought to the planning and execution of our wedding day. From special rituals to to our one of a ketubah he helped us to feel more connected to each other and the experience of getting married. When I say it’s a day I’ll never forget, it’s in large part to Rabbi Hanniel."
"Hanniel was one of our favorite things about our wedding. My husband and I come from different sects of Judaism and Hanniel was able to perfectly “marry” the two. Our ceremony was spiritual, interactive, and so full of love. He comes with an energy that engages everyone. He was flexible and really listened to us as we developed our custom ceremony together. I promise you will not be disappointed in the love, sentiment, energy, and excitement he will put into the best day of your life."
" I can say with certainty that Rabbi Hanniel changed the lives of my family through his unique view of religion and the world. Religion should not stand still as society changes and people like Rabbi Hanniel who are committed to teaching our youth about the spiritual meaning of religion within the context of community and self awareness is a necessity. Too often rabbi’s preach to us and our children and in turn we and they lose our motivation. Hanniel listens and provides a strong vision and perspective on how he sees life within the context of everyday experiences. Rabbi Hanniel was instrumental in the bar mitzvah of my son Aidan. He did not hesitate to drive several hours and provide at a moments notice a caring service for my mother on her passing 2 years ago. Rabbi Hanniel is the only rabbi in my 53 years who i can say has made a difference in my life."
"Reb Hanniel is a true human being. A courageous seeker who has set the love of G-d and Truth as his north star, and with his beautiful open heart as his compass, has set out to guide and gather others seeking transformation and transcendence. I have know Hanniel for many years and know the deep soul he has been gifted. His love of Judaism is infectious, and when coupled with his breadth of his knowledge, make his teaching real, enriching, inspiring, and deeply human. What a privilege it is to bear witness to Hanniel's journey and to offer testimony to the fruit of his search."
Rabbi David Ingber
Founder and Senior Rabbi, Romemu
"Hanniel has deepened me spiritually and further connected me with my mind and body. I spend most of my life in water, so I have a very deep connection with water. Hanniel started me on a path that I am still on, the path to find deeper meaning with the water. Surfing is something that lets me fly on water, Hanniel taught me how to appreciate the water. Hanniel, having never surfed before, was eager to start a spiritual connection with something he rarely ever went into. The moment he stepped in the water, he stood in knee deep water slowly breathing connecting himself with the water. Then he paddles out. I had never done this, or even tried to respect or connect with the water. Now every time I swim, surf, or anything with water I take a second to think, about what water means to me, and how I can connect further with the world and water. He is spiritually in touch with the world. I meditate every day and every time I meditate the first thing I think about is my teacher. Hanniel taught me so much about life. Now I fee a deeper connection with the water."
Age 14
"When our daughter was turning bat mitzvah age we were looking for a rabbi who would work with us. We had joined countless synagogues over the years but could not find the right place for our family. We couldn't find the right combination of spirituality and a place that could offer us the freedom to explore new meaning in old texts, embrace non-traditional and new customs. We wanted something (or someone) that spoke to our family and more importantly, our daughter. Miraculously, we found Rabbi Hanniel Levenson. What an amazing rabbi and an incredible human being. I think we were the very first family that he tutored and officiated for a bat mitzvah. Rabbi Levenson heard everything we wanted to do and together we all wrote our own prayer book with traditional prayers as well as wonderful and original materials. We created something new and unique for our family and Rabbi Levenson sensitively shepherded us. Hanniel also gave our daughter a unique, spiritual journey over the course of the year before her bat mitzvah that was so special and meaningful to her. We are forever grateful to Hanniel for his thoughtfulness, kindness, expansive mind and his openess to something new. He will always hold a special place in our hearts. He is an amazing person and an amazing rabbi."

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