Rabbi Hanniel Levenson’s English Poetic rendition of the Sheva Brachot


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Rabbi Hanniel Levenson’s English Poetic rendition of the Sheva Brachot

  1. The Beginning of Seven when Earth mirrors Heaven
    A Union of Two a valley nourished with dew.
    As vines arise a clustered grape surprise
    May you tend to your vineyard developing inward
    Grapes crushed into one, with Love and much fun
    Wine bears no disguise, see her in your eyes
    Your love is divine
    A First Blessing design
  2. A cloud of glory and a pillar of Fire
    The bond of you two radiates a much higher
    Realm and space of unparalleled grace
    As you sojourn the limits may you never
    Diminish the sacred respect the wellspring reflects
  3. Adam and Eve an archetypical Frieze
    Created as one though separate we seize
    In Eden you wander skipping hand in hand
    Hold each other close as the beach does the sand
    Look in her eyes and you into his
    You are perfect creations formations of bliss
    Your kiss travels up and dwells supernal
    Creating castles and Palaces lounging eternal
  4. You were not always One, A Surprise, Who knew
    His journey traversed Eons searching for you
    While you just frolicked through seasons of change
    Its been wondrous to see the Present Reclaim
    Her soul in your arms like ribs grasping the Heart
    Dream a little Dream and continue to start
    The path is unknown but as partners you grow
    Intertwine into each other and summit infinity
    Cruising in Harmony, Two waves in the Sea
  5. Learning your Rock- Foundation – Your Center
    A Pillow of Strength A Pillar of comfort
    Raise Each other up, and Lift into your Roots
    Longing No More search no further
    You are now home, the dancing begins
    Fingers are locked facing the East
    The Sun Waxes its Axis The Moon Wanes in response
    Once Amoebas floating in ether
    An ethereal anchor tethered you close
    The land is Barren no more
    Your love is the Most.
  6. Joy, Gladness, jubilation, and bliss
    Delight, love, friendship, happiness,
    Cheer, harmony, fellowship love is this
    May Delight be the threshold of home
    Wherever you are may Eden be shown
    That you two are blessed with angelic potential
    Harness the cosmos your love is torrential
    Let it rain on us we are all by your side
    Forever and ever a smile your guide
  7. Now we spiral towards seven where earth touches heaven
    We are witnessing magic in this moment- in this breath.
    As we all inhale our wishes and exhale our prayers
    Surrounding these two lovers, partners, friends.
    Your path is unfolding under this shelter
    Your souls are enchanting in the Harbor of Heaven
    This sacred space in time will follow wherever you allow
    Keep the window in your Ark exposed as the elements bathe your beings
    Grow Wise, Grow Fun
    Love Wise, Love Fun
    Grow and Love
    As One.

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